IABC series on media relations measurement

The latest in a series of pieces (both articles and podcasts) on media relations measurement by Eric Bergman is up in the IABC media relations commons area.  In the latest installment, Wilma Matthews talks about the rise and fall of AVEs and notes that what’s really key in media relations measurement is behaviour change.  Here here.  Tough but not impossible to do.  Still, here here.  Listen to the Podcast

While the focus of this series is on media relations measurement, and while certainly media relations plays a significant role in public relations, it is but one among many tools in the corporate communicator’s tool belt.  (Particularly in these new socially generated media days).  And, as practitioners, we need to remember that communications is about so much more than the turn of the century media relations-only models of public relations.  It’s interest group liberalism.  It’s about managing issues, reputations, constituents, sponsorships, executive and corporate trust, and relationships among many others (all of which can and should be measured) all through any number of strategies and tactics.      


4 responses to “IABC series on media relations measurement

  1. Hi, Alan. I’m glad you’ve added your voice to the mix. Another Canadian perspective on measurement is much needed. I’ve taken the liberty of requesting that you get added to the Canuck PR Toolbar. It’s a very handy tool…I use it all the time to stay current on my fellow Canadian’s take on everything PR.

  2. Thanks David…and thanks for the Canuck PR Toolbar request.

  3. Hi Alan,

    I’ve just added your blog to the Canuck PR Toolbar. Glad to have you on board! You can read more about the toolbar here or download it here.

    It would be great if you could add an RSS button or link to your blog. Being a WordPress user myself, I figured out the URL for your blog feed (https://alanchumley.wordpress.com//?feed=rss2). But I think other readers of your blog (who don’t use the Canuck PR Toolbar like Dave and I do) might appreciate the ability to subscribe directly on your blog.


  4. Thanks Martin. Good idea re: an RSS button. Will get on it. Cheers.

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