Measuring Executives’…

media interviews, leadership traits in speeches and the effectiveness of speaker’s programs, that is. 

This measurement proponent / promulgator noticed two somewhat related pieces of interest this week and thought it worth lumping in a third for a sort of executive measurement round-up.  (Note:  here I won’t be addressing measuring executive trust.  I’ll leave that for another post.)     

First, an interesting interview with Barbara Gibson  of SpokesComm (resulting in both an article and a podcast) on assessing the ability of spokespeople. 

Second, an important contribution to the measurement world discussing how to measure the effectiveness of speakers programs by Marianne Eisenmann (Determinus, Chandler Chicco Agency) and Katie Paine (KDPaine & Partners) both members of the Institute for Public Relations’ Measurement Commission.   

And third,  Marianne Gobeil, founder of Leading Communicators Inc. in Canada, has an interesting tool called Speakcheck that apparently measures 150 components (in the context of a speech) essential to leadership that’s also worth a look.


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