Patterns ‘n Packages

There’s a tendency out there to want to (over)simplify measurement solutions into patterns and packages such that a client of a certain size with a certain need could be slotted into a bronze, silver, gold or platinum measurement package. 

The easy answer ain’t always the right one in measurement any more than it is in building one communications plan to suit all client needs (not to mention their reporting structure, operating environment, management style, communications department culture, PR practitioners’ roles, their research orientations and the prevailing model of PR resident in the organization).   

I suspect I’m preaching to the converted, but, in my view, each measurement program MUST be built to meet specific needs. 

Adhere to an indstry standard?  Heck no.  There isn’t one and nor should there ever be.  

Regard industry best practices (such as those that come out of the Institute for PR’s Measurement Commission)? 


I feel like this is a bit of an uphill battle sometimes, but it is something that we must continue to educate key stakeholders on.   



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