State of the Canadian Measurement Scene

I was thankful and honoured when PR Conversations invited this Measurement PRoponent / PRomulgator to opine on the current state of the art (or science?) of measurement in Canada. While it’s a topic that could easily spawn a healthy hundred-plus-page graduate thesis, the post is a reasonably succinct, high-level, non-exhaustive horizon scan of the measurement scene in Canada, broken up into bite-sized morsels to cover the topics of: industry associations; Canadian vendors; U.S vendor spillover; the client context and the spectrum of “outs”; standards, patterns ‘n packages; the agency sphere; homegrown, thought leadership on measurement writ large; Canadian measurement events and conferences; education; awards; the wrap; and the ask.  Here’s the post and here’s hoping it spurrs a number of similar states of the art-type posts and comments from other parts of the world. 


2 responses to “State of the Canadian Measurement Scene

  1. Hi Alan, I really enjoyed reading your piece about the Canadian research scene and I wish someone would do the same for the UK. One thing you touched on I found interesting was the concept of ‘Outgrowth’, which I presume is a progression from ‘Outcome’. I see this as a attempt to tie cause and effect into a more results focused analysis. Thats something to think about…Best, Michael

  2. Alan,
    Congrats on your new position at H&K. I posted a response to your piece on the prconversations blog. Talk to you soon.


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