IABC / Cision Measurement Event, New York, Nov. 14-16

For those that haven’t already been made aware, the ‘other’ measurement event is coming up in mid November.  It’s sponsored by Cision and put on in partnership with IABC

If any of you are like me, travel and events budgets can mean making tough choices about which (and how many) conferences to attend.  Why do I characterize this as the ‘other’ event?  While this event looks interesting–some great speakers and some key topics–it looks to be the Chicago (Second City) to the IPR Measurement Summit’s New York.  That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable, (Chicago IS a wonderful, world-class city afterall) it just means, IMHO, that to choose one might mean choosing in favour of the IPR Measurement Summit.  And, the audiences are, generally, different.  Huge over-generalization, but, I suspect that the IPR Measurement Summit is more about the measurementarati talking to itself (which is important) and the Cision – IABC event is targeted more at the communications practitioner writ large.   


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