Measurement Man on the Move

I thought, perhaps, some PRoponent / PRomulgator readers might be interested to hear that Doug Kells, former Director of Research at Cormex, (Canada’s leading media content analysis and measurement firm) is now a free agent and looking for a measurement gig.   

I have a great deal of respect for Doug.  We first crossed paths in a client-vendor context.  Five years back I was at Bell Canada and Doug was the lead analyst on our account.  We’d later work together for a time at Cormex. 

Doug’s background / skill set is fairly rare, generally, but even within the measurement crowd:

* Four years as an analyst at Bowdens (was later bought by the Observer Group-turned-CISION)

*Nine years at Cormex Research where he played a sort of hybrid role that has seen him sharpen both media content analysis skills but, perhaps more importantly, all the methodological, number crunchy, SPSS syntactical and even IT stuff that one needs in a measurement firm to take simple clips from the measurement by thud factor approach to providing methodologically sound and rigorous analysis.  There aren’t many of those in Canada. 

Doug will make a valuable contribution to the North American measurement scene, regardless of where he ends up.  I wish him luck and I ask that if anyone on the reading end of this might like to see Doug’s resume and/or talk with him, please let me know.  I’d be happy to forward his CV and he can be reached here.      


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