Mini Measurement Conference in Toronto: Sept 10-11

It’s approaching that time of year again:  the mini measurement conference in Toronto. Why mini?  Well compared to the mother of all measurement moments that the IPR puts on annually, it is indeed a mini.  But, like the car, though small in stature, it is (increasingly) decent quality and it’s accessible and practical for PR practitioners.         



Conference Agenda:


Day 1 

–Developing a Framework & Strategy for Communications Research & Measurement

–Using Media Relations Ratings Points to Score Editorial Coverage

–Approaches to Media Analysis & Tracking

–Monitoring & Measuring Social Media

–Web(site) Metrics for Communicators

–Managing & Measuring Intranet Content

–Client Side Panel Discussion


Day 2

–Gauging Employee Perceptions, Engagement, Alignment, Satisfaction

–Assessing Communications During Times of Change

–Measuring the Ability of Management to Communicate Effectively


Hope to see some of you there. 




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