Where’s the beef?

CISION (of the former Observer Group & Delehaye variety) commonly puts on a decent, practitioner-friendly research and measurement event each fall in New York.  So I was pleasantly surprised that it was coming to Toronto.  Disappointment soon supplanted surprise upon reviewing the agenda.  While I do appreciate the herculean task of putting an event together (so kudos to whomever did) one would expect a research and measurement conference to have, well, maybe some research and measurement content.  Particularly with the visibility and support from IABC.  I’m just not seeing how the agenda aligns with how the conference is touted:  

“provides the knowledge and insight that communication executives require to demonstrate return on investment for their public relations and communication initiatives.” 

CISION, IABC: I’ve known you to be better than this and I know you will again. 

Toronto deserves the best you have.


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