New Role to look Exclusively @ Research & Measurement in PR

Well this Measurement PRoponent / PRomulgator has hit the road again landing at Leger Marketing–the largest Canadian-owned market research and polling firm–in a role that seeks to intensify the organization’s offering in the PR / communications market. 

I’ll be working with Leger clients and prospects on adopting a more data-driven, management-by-objective approach to communications and, in doing so, helping them to better demonstrate the value of their efforts. 

Leger Marketing’s communications research and measurement service offering includes:

-media content analysis (we are the Canadian franchisee of CARMA International Media Analysts)

-correlating media analysis & polling / survey research

-reputation measurement

-stakeholder, influencer, key opinion leader benchmarking & tracking

-communications audit research

-employee research (engagement, alignment, support, motivation, trust, loyalty, satisfaction, etc.)

-organizational expressiveness (how effectively an organization communications to stakeholders)

-corporate responsibility research (awareness, perception) 

-positioning / message pre-testing

-market mix modeling

Alan Chumley, 416-815-0330,


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