Consider Entering PR Measurement Award

Well the measurement proponent’s come out of semi blogtirement for a good cause; to promote (on behalf of VMS’s Angela Jeffrey) the Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award for Excellence in PR Measurement & Evaluation. The entries, the finalists, and the winner (and the review and discussion of the winner’s case study) do well to advance the thinking and dialogue on PR measurement globally.

Angela’s words now:

“If you are “into” PR research and measurement, and have used it extensively in one of your PR campaigns this past year, you might want to consider entering the Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award for Excellence in PR Measurement & Evaluation. Entries of all types are welcome – including research using social media! The award recognizes superb examples of research used to support public relations practice. Winners are feted at the Institute for Public Relations Summit on Measurement in October in Portsmouth, NH, and it’s quite a big deal. But hurry! Entries are due August 15th. Here’s How to Enter, and see these terrific examples of previous winners’ entries: Padilla Speer Beardsley’s Winning Entry 2007 or Shell’s Award Winning Entry 2008 for ideas – and there are more on the site:


One response to “Consider Entering PR Measurement Award

  1. Alan, you rock. Thanks for your support on getting the word out to serious PR practitioners who care about doing their best for their organizations. Hope to see some entries this year from Canada!!

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