Introducing PRooph…

…Canada’s first method/vendor-agnostic communications measurement consultancy.

PRooph is the only firm of it’s kind in Canada as, in some ways, we’re defined more by what we don’t do than what we do.

We’re not selling a measurement product or a singular method. Nor are we an agent of the various vendors that capably do so. Rather, PRooph exists as a consultative resource to communications practitioners on both the agency and client side. Think of us as a kind of in-house measurement specialist and liaison with vendors matching clients needs with holistic solutions, regardless of the vendor(s). All this with a keen eye on correlating outputs with outcomes, and pointing to PR’s unique contribution to the marketing mix, from media coverage to stakeholder relationships and all points in between.

PRooph‘s value to clients is that we’ve been on all sides of the measurement equation. We’ve worked in big blue chips. We’ve worked in big agencies. We’ve worked on the research and measurement supply side. So we understand well the languages and priorities of clients, agencies, and vendors. We’re well connected on the agency side and have personal relationships with most vendors. That uniquely situates us to broker measurement discussions and manage projects adding strategic value along the way. Both the need and opportunity we see and our value proposition.

Here’s what we’re proposing to do:
· Measurement Audits
· Presentations, Seminars, Workshops
· Presentations to help sell-in measurement to senior management
· Measurable Objective Setting
· Advice, Counsel Based on Best Practices, Guiding Principles
· RFP Process Management, Prep, & Review
· Vendor Review / Recommendation / Selection / Management
· Project Management
· Program Implementation
· Custom method, tool, index development
· Analysis / Interpretation


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