CARMA: my measurement fate / destiny

This (so far) Canadian-based measurement wonk is packing up both the professional tool box and personal belongings and heading to the USA, Washington DC, for a May 17 start.  I`ll be joining  CARMA International, Global Media Analysts in a senior-level management consulting capacity.

Having been on all sides of the triangle (in-house corporate PR, big 5 global agency, research and measurement supply-side) I was excited about an opportunity to work with and make a unique contribution to the senior management team.

I’m excited, honoured, and thankful.  I’m very much looking forward to working with the U.S. organization (and its clients).


  • A chance to work with some deep intellect in  Founder and CEO Albert J. Barr, SVP Alison Tedor, and VPs Chris Scully and Sonia LaFountain-Ginyard.
  • The role is an intriguing combination of:
    • Evangelist, advocate, marketing mouthpiece, networker, conversationship builder
    • Client work
    • Thought provider on method
    • Senior-level staff and client support
    • Contribution to the leadership of the U.S. operation
    • Contribution to the international operation/management team

Thanks CARMA.  Looking forward to getting started.

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3 responses to “CARMA: my measurement fate / destiny

  1. Welcome to the media measurement and analysis family!

  2. Patricia Pytel

    Congratulations on the new post, sounds like a perfect fit!

  3. Congrats, all the best in DC! Sounds like an exciting opportunity. You and Brendan will be running the show in Washington soon enough.

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