Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles

The folks at the European Measurement Summit have agreed on 7 principles of PR measurement:

1.Goal setting and measurement are fundamental to doing PR

2.Goals should be as quantitative as possible and address who what when and how much the PR program is intended to affect

3.Measurement should include representative traditional and social media as well as target audience changes in awareness comprehension attitude and behavior as applicable.

4.Aves are not the value of public relations

5.Social Media Can and Should be measured

6.Measuring Outcomes is preferred to measuring media results

7.Business results and outcomes should be measured whenever possible

(Measurement maven KD Paine provides the sub bullets to each of the 7 principles above here)

Pretty obvious stuff, one might say.  However, given that the Global Alliance, the ICCO, PRSA, AMEC and the IPR’s Measurement Commission are voting (along with 200 measurementarati attendees) and agreeing, that’s progress.


One response to “Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles

  1. Now if organizations will only recognize that they need to pay for measurement.

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