Observations Post-PRSA-NCC Thoth Awards Judging

This measurement PRoponent / PRomulgator had the honor of reviewing some phenomenal work that some very talented, committed, and hard-working DC-area PR practitioners submitted in consideration for a PRSA-NCC Thoth Award. 

  Congrats and well done. 

I left the 5-hour session inspired.  Mostly inspired by the largely fantastic work submitted and the creative thinking behind the campaigns. 

But also inspired to offer up some observations based on some–the minority to be fair and clear–of the submissions.


1.  Media relations IS NOT public relations.

2.  Objectives, strategies, and tactics ARE NOT the same thing

3.  Objectives must be specific, measurable, include an audience, geography, and timeframe and something to do with either awareness or behavior.

4.  One’s objectives in the planning section of a document MUST MATCH the objectives in the evaluation section.  We shouldn’t be seeing new objectives, mentioned for the first time come the evaluation section of a document.  Objectives can’t be conveniently retro-fitted to suit the result.

5.  A clump ‘o clips DOES NOT on its own equate to measuring awareness, behaviour, advocacy, engagement, or relationships.  Outcomes not (strictly) outputs.


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