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  2. Hi Alan, I realise this question is probably more relevant to your former job position but I was just wondering if you could steer me towards where I might be able to lay my hands on some audience figures for Canadian TV and radio. I have a quite large number of slots on stations like CBAF-FM, CBCT-FM, CFCB-FM CTV, ASN, CBC and NTV. The client is also adamant they want any value data available for which I would very much value any advice on source. Needless to say they are in a bit of a hurry so would appreciate your thoughts just as soon as. With best regards, Michael Blowers Media Evaluation Research

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  5. gilliganscorner

    Hi Alan,

    I am looking for a way to measure the change in usage or frequency of phrases appearing in online publications over time. Any pointers?


  6. Gilligans Corner,

    If I understand your question correctly, you’re really talking about volume and velocity. It’s a form of citation analysis. To that end,
    you’d be best advised to use a tool like BlogScope or Buzzlogic to set up search terms with the phrases you want to track and analyse what that’s looking like over time. You could also track a sort of adjacency or proximity–in other words, what other phrases or terms are most frequently cited along side the words / phrases you’ve asked the system to track for. A sort of heat map of what else is being talked about on-line.


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