New Book on Measurement

Katie Paine has just released a draft version of her much talked about/awaited book called Measuring Sucess:  the Data-Driven Communicator’s Guide to Measuring Public Relationships.  

I’m looking forward to reading it and, as is the zeitgeist o’ social media times, she’s encouraged all manner of measurementerati to provide comment.  A brave move and one that will benefit the book specifically and the measurement space as a whole generally.  Well done, Katie.     

For those interested and who may not have yet read Mark Weiner’s (former president of Delahaye, a company Katie started moons ago…boy this industry is small) book called: Unleashing the Power of PR, I recommend picking it up.  Despite the somewhat cornball title (hey it’s easier to critique than create so kudos to Mark) it is a decent read and, though some of the case studies look at only the biggest of organizatins with the deepest of pockets,  it makes the point (as Katie and others inthe measurement sphere have for years) that PR can be a management science firmly rooted in research and measurement not strictly a soft art.   


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