CISION to tell us about the value of AVEs!

So I just got an e-mail invite to an event CISION (formerly known as Bowdens in Canada) is hosting:

Proving PR’s Value Through Measurement

This workshop focuses on measurement techniques and research methods that can help solve the many challenges faced by communication professionals today.This workshop will show you how to:

  • Understand the value and attributes of the various measures used; e.g., Ad Values, Frequency, Reach, Impact
  • Align communication and business strategies
  • Understand the effect of news coverage on your organization’s reputation and brand equity
  • Justify your PR budget and demonstrate ROI

 All great stuff in theory (depending on what they discuss and deliver and how) so kudos to CISION for putting it on, but are they really going to talk to us about the value of using ad value?!  Let’s hope they mean they will discuss why not to use it.  And I want to point out what readers of this blog have known for moons: that there is so much more to the world of PR measurement beyond measuring media coverage.   

Register here if you’re interested. 



2 responses to “CISION to tell us about the value of AVEs!

  1. The reality is that seminars like this have little to do with true research, evaluation or measurement. Companies like Cision and Burrelles make their money from media clipping services, with measurement just a necessary add on. So it’s not surprising, since one of their key selling points is providing AVE with every clip, that they’ll be talking about what they sell, rather than what the client needs to measure. You smart folks up north deserve better.

  2. Alan,
    AVEs seem to be the vampires of the measurement field – they have an eternal life and are very difficult to kill.

    For 10 reasons why AVEs are not the right way to measure public relations, see my earlier blog posts on the subject here:


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