Weekly Measure of Political Satire in the Canadian Media

Introducing SatCan: a weekly measure of political satire in the Canadian media, intended to demonstrate how satire frames certain stories, raises social and political issues and generally skewers the powerful.   Each Tuesday Toronto-based media content analysis firm Cormex Research will report on the top five subjects that have been satirized over the past week, the relative level of satire directed at political leaders, and the local/national/internationl mix of subjects.  Cormex currently tracks the work of over 60 editorial cartoonists in 30 newspapers across the country, as well as well known political satire shows such as the CBC’s Rick Mercer Report and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.  Each item is coded for a number of variables and weighted based on its estimated total audience reach.  Enjoy. 

One response to “Weekly Measure of Political Satire in the Canadian Media

  1. Thanks for this link Alan. I really liked the site. Not surprising to see satirists turning back to their old favourites like the CBC this week…..my favourite subject!!

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